Cloud Computing & Virtualization

Impact of Cloud Computing on Business and IT (Straight Talk)

Course Overview
This course, the third of a 3-part series, is focused on how cloud computing is changing the nature of business applications, particularly as they impact information technology. The course material explores company organization structures, the future of in house IT groups, and the global implications of cloud computing. It builds on the first and second courses.

The first major section delves into a major future business dynamic that is affecting corporations around the world – the cybernetic economy. The key features and ingredients of this new economy are explained, the major transition elements are presented, and the implications for corporate organization are discussed. After the mid-review questions, the future of in-house IT groups is explored in depth. Key topics include process versus technology, traditional IT role versus a new focus on adding value, what needs to happen within IT to make it a value-added function, and the key things that IT needs to foster to effectively participate in a real time global economy. The final section covers global implications of the new world within IT. The material covers how networks of independent people now use cloud computing, major features of cloud computing, and why the expanded use of cloud computing in business is a foregone conclusion.

Track: Straight Talk
Straightforward explanations of key technologies and their business value

Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, the course participant should be able to:

  • Recognize the key elements of the cybernetic economy.
  • Identify changes in the ways companies organize and the way they do business.
  • Discuss the future of in house IT groups.
  • Recognize how cloud computing is having an impact on the way in house IT groups operate.
  • Understand the global implications of cloud computing.
  • Define an ecosystem.
  • Recognize a continuous feedback loop along with its characteristics.
  • Understand the development of the real time global economy.

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Photo of Michael Hugos

Michael Hugos - Presenter
Mich'l Hugos is chief information officer of Network Services Company, a $6.8 billion distribution organization that serves customers across North America. He guided the company through the development and rollout of a suite of Internet based e-business and supply chain systems. Mr. Hugos has more than 20 years of corporate and consulting experience in all aspects of information technology. Prior to joining Network Services, he was a practice director in the Supply Chain Management practice of Covansys, Inc. an international consulting firm. Earlier in his career, Mr. Hugos was a founder and principal of Effective Systems, Inc., an information technology and management consulting firm. He went on to become the director of Systems Planning and Development for Anixter International, a $3 billion distributor of electronic and communications products. At Anixter, he led the project team that built the company's worldwide systems for customer contact management, sales support, quote generation and inventory control. Mike's undergraduate degree is in architecture and urban planning from the University of Cincinnati. He earned his M.B.A. from Northwestern University, J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, with a joint major in finance and management information systems. He is the author of the recent book, 'Essentials of Supply Chain Management,' published by John Wiley & Sons.

Software & Hardware Requirements:

  • 56k or Greater Internet Connection
  • Adobe Acrobat® Reader for the .pdf files
  • Adobe® Flash® Player 8 or higher
  • Modern DHTML Compatible Browser
  • Ram: 256 MB minimum
  • Sound card with speakers/headphones
  • Windows or Mac OS

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Length : 45min
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