Offshore Development: Why Projects Fail and How to Make Them Succeed (Peak Performance)

Peter Harrison, CEO of Global Logic, discusses the inherent risks involved in offshore development projects. He examines why these projects often fail, tells how to keep them on track, and explores reasons behind this megatrend.  Harrison begins with a review of recent trends in offshore development, and then details his top ten reasons why offshore development fails, including wrong partners, projects, and teams, as well as mismatched infrastructures and the all-important ‘human factor.’ Next, he provides specific guidelines for success, such as investing in knowledge transfer, implementing standard processes, and systematic communication. Finally, Harrison delves into the impact of outsourcing on the IT department. This revised version of one of WatchIT’s most requested programs has been updated with new multimedia resources, such as Web links and white papers.

Track: Peak Performance
Methodologies and proven practices that advance the management skills of IT professionals

Learning Objectives:

By watching this program, you’ll learn:

  • Why offshore projects often go wrong;
  • How to structure offshore development projects for success; and
  • Some reasons, beyond cost, that are driving companies to look offshore.

After viewing this program, you’ll be able to:

  • Pick the right partner and project from the start;
  • Navigate the minefield of cultural, technical, and business issues; and
  • Improve your chances of offshore success.

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Photo of Peter Harrison

Peter Harrison - Presenter
Peter Harrison is passionate about software and has spent the last twenty-two years committed to improving the way software is built. He joined GlobalLogic in 2002 when it was 20 people. Today GlobalLogic employs nearly 3,000 people in 20 locations around the world. In recent years the company has emerged as the leader in a new category of outsourced software product development.

Prior to joining GlobalLogic, Harrison was SVP, Field Operations at Versata, a leading provider of rules automation software. While at Versata, he grew revenues from $1 million to $56 million in just four years. Harrison was instrumental in growing sales and service from 10 to over 300 people during the same period. Versata completed an IPO in 2000 that at the time ranked in the top 25 best openings of all time.

Prior to Versata, Harrison was a co-founder of Seer Technologies, where as VP Sales he helped grow revenues from $0 to $120 million in five years that resulted in the company completing an IPO in 1995. At Seer, he played a leading role in establishing international field operations that swiftly grew to represent over 50% of revenues. Harrison has a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from Birmingham University, UK.

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