Process Management & Improvement

Can Anyone Document Processes? (Straight Talk)

Enterprises that are focused on quality improvement and working more efficiently need to take a hard look at the business processes that go into the creation of their products and services. By carefully mapping these processes, organizations will come to a better understanding of the details and requirements of their operation, and be able to identify areas in need of improvement. In this program, Scott Helmers, a partner with Boston based Harvard Computing Group, discusses how process mapping can enable organizations to achieve more efficient internal operations, and improved customer service and satisfaction.

Track: Straight Talk
Straightforward explanations of key technologies and their business value

Learning Objectives:

By watching this program you will learn about:

  • Why organizations are focusing more attention on business processes
  • The advantages of using process maps to document business processes
  • Creating effective process maps
  • Best practices and advice on how to get started creating process maps

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Speaker / Author:

Scott Helmers - Presenter
Scott Helmers is a partner with the Harvard Computing Group, where he manages the education practice in addition to consulting on e-business technology and process issues. He has worked in several dozen countries and has delivered seminars in India, Ireland, Egypt, Jordan, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, and the United States since 2000. Scott is the creator of the acclaimed 'Driver's Ed for the Information Superhighway' seminar series. In the years before joining Harvard Computing Group, Scott ran his own consulting firm, and held positions in business development, product management, technical support and software development for several companies, including Action Technologies, Cabletron Systems and Wang Laboratories.

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