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Exploring The Agile Mindset

Course Overview
Agile thinking, ideas, practices, and principles have a home in virtually every corner of the enterprise. In this report, we’ll explain and explore the Agile Mindset with the help of our interview guest, Dr. Robert Johnson, President of Becker College. By watching this program, IT and business professionals will gain knowledge and insight into the nature of the Agile Mindset. Viewers will also be better able to understand the many advantages that being a truly agile organization oers.

Track: Peak Performance
Methodologies and proven practices that advance the management skills of IT professionals

Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this cousre, you should be able to:

  • Discuss the Agile Mindset and understand how and why the concept was applied in an academic setting at Becker College
  • Identify the four uniquely human skills that make up the Agile Mindset
  • Understand how organizations can begin to align themselves with an Agile Mindset
  • Recognize the challenges organizations face as they work toward becoming truly Agile organizations

Speaker / Author:

Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D., took office as the 10th president of Becker College in 2010 and has evolved Becker into an adaptive, nimble, and entrepreneurial institution that is a model for small private colleges in the United States. He believes higher education is a public good, and has dedicated his more-than-25-year career to transforming the lives of young people. He challenges students to build upon the three pillars of global citizenship - academic excellence, social responsibility, and creative expression - to embrace the opportunities inherent in a complex and hyper-connected world. It is his conviction that college graduates must be prepared to adapt and succeed in a dynamic future - one where jobs as we know them may no longer exist, career mobility is the norm, and individuals are responsible for their brand and their business model, and must continuously build their [future] value. This imperative leads Becker College in preparing students with an "Agile Mindset," a set of uniquely human skills that merge learning agility with a value-creation orientation. Graduates are prepared not only for their career trajectories, but also to embrace the myriad challenges and opportunities the future presents.


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