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Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality: Business Applications

Course Overview
Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality technologies have taken center stage as organizations around the globe eagerly embrace and integrate reality technologies and applications into their organizations and businesses. From retail and manufacturing to medicine and education, the use cases for these technologies seem endless. In this program expert, Gregg Witt, a marketing strategist, brand builder, and a generational expert, explores the world of Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality technologies. By watching this report business and IT professionals will gain insight and understanding into the exciting world of reality technologies and applications. We’ll also learn about their rising impact on enterprises today.

Track: Peak Performance
Methodologies and proven practices that advance the management skills of IT professionals

Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this segment, you should be able to:

  • Define the terms Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality
  • Understand how businesses and organizations are improving productivity and profitability with reality technologies
  • Identify the key elements of a successful VR, AR and MR campaign
  • Discuss the right way to get started utilizing these exciting technologies

Speaker / Author:

Photo of Gregg Witt

Gregg L. Witt is a senior marketing strategist and youth culture specialist. Gregg has an uncanny ability to help consumer brands be more relevant with tweens, teens and young adults. He is a proven brand builder, an inspiring speaker, and, in 2016, was named a " top 5 youth marketer to follow" by Inc Magazine.

Gregg Witt has spent 17 years in consumer insights, media and youth marketing, consulting for more than 100 companies during that period. He provides authentic insights-driven strategies, creative leadership, and oversees social media activation for leading companies such as: Advocates for Youth, Autodesk Education, Awesomeness TV, Bravo Sports, The College Board, FunnyOrDie, Glaceau Vitamin Water, HBO, Nitro Circus, Nissan, Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, Qualcomm, Walt Disney World and more.

When seeking to understand what motivates tween, teen and young adults, a wide variety of businesses look to Gregg. He has a deep level of expertise related to consumer insights, niche cultural intelligence, brand positioning and development, social and digital media, creative content production, managing digital media, scaling influencer/creator networks, advocacy marketing, and online privacy, safety & COPPA compliance.

For over a decade Gregg has been the director and hands-on leader of Youthvine (now rebranded as Sureshot)—a proprietary global online community that enables brands to rapidly and cost-efficiently engage tweens, teens and young adults for insights, co-creation, and consumer advocacy marketing.

Gregg delivers advice for clients with the creative flare and eye for authenticity that one can only achieve while wearing a new pair of bright red Vans.


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