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Big Data in the Enterprise: An Introduction (Technical Briefings)

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IT professionals around the globe are now being challenged to manage, organize and analyze these vast data sets strategically; to identify new business trends, conduct highly-advanced product research and even predict threats to enterprise security. This report will introduce and explore the world of "Big Data" and offer advice and best practices that will help professionals understand and make the most of this incredible organizational resource. This presentation features interview guest and expert Jack Danahy, Director of Advanced Security at IBM. Jack is also a renowned speaker and writer on the topics of network and data security.

Track: Technical Briefing
In-depth information on new technologies, techniques and solution providers

Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this segment, you should be able to:

  • Explain the concept of "Big Data" why it can be such a valuable asset for organizations today.
  • Understand why security is increasingly becoming a Big Data issue and how Big Data analytics help enterprises look for and deal with previously unknown threats.
  • Recognize the challenges IT professionals face when it comes to managing and analyzing Big Data.

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Photo of Jack Danahy

Jack Danahy is the Director for Advanced Security within the Security Systems Division of IBM. Jack has been the original founder and CEO of two successful technology companies; Qiave Technologies, sold to Watchguard Technologies in 2000, and Ounce Labs, sold to IBM in July of 2009. A national speaker and writer on computer network and data security, Jack is also a holder of patents in a variety of security technologies. He is a contributor to industry and national security groups in the areas of data privacy, cybersecurity, cyberthreats, critical infrastructure protection, and has contributed to legislation on cybersecurity in both the US House and Senate. Jack has served on the board of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Vendor Alliance, was the Vice Chair of the Vehicle Electrical System Security Committee for the Society of Automotive Engineers, and is a distinguished fellow at the Ponemon Institute.

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