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The Evolution of Managed Services (Straight Talk)

Course Overview
With the demands placed on enterprise IT escalating at a fever pitch, CIOs and business leaders have had to look for solutions to manage demand and drive efficiencies in their technology operations. One solution that’s been gaining quite a bit of traction of late is to offload some IT functions to Managed Service Providers, or MSPs. This frees enterprise IT personnel from routine day-to-day assignments and allows more time and manpower to be dedicated to critical projects that support business innovation and growth. In this report, David Leech, VP of Professional and Managed Services for Logicalis, US takes a close look at the evolution and rise of the Managed Service Provider. By watching this program, IT and business leaders will gain insight into the impact MSPs can have on their business and enterprise IT operations.

Track:Straight Talk
Straightforward explanations of key technologies and their business value

Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this segment, you should be able to:

  • Discuss the evolution and emerging trends in Managed Services today;
  • Understand the impact MSPs can have on enterprise IT;
  • Recognize the key challenges IT organizations may face when moving toward a Managed Services environment;
  • Identify best practices to follow when working with an MSP.

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Vice President of Professional and Managed Services

David Leech joined Logicalis in April 2015 and is now Vice President of Professional and Managed Services. In this role, David oversees Logicalis’ US technical delivery teams which provide a broad array of transformational, outsourced and technical services for a global client base, including security, IaaS cloud, collaboration, service desk, on-site staffing as well as remote infrastructure management services for monitoring, network, collaboration, compute, database, and storage technologies. David is currently extending managed security and cloud operations capabilities across traditional co-location, on premise and public cloud providers and enabling his clients to gain the benefit of heterogeneous hybrid delivery models.

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