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Social Technologies in the Enterprise: Getting it Right (Straight Talk)

Course Overview
Social networking has truly redefined the way we interact with others, in both our personal and work life. However, with all the positives that "social" brings to the table, there are significant risk factors that cannot be ignored. These risks include the potential for the loss of company confidential information, decreased worker productivity, privacy violations and social engineering attacks. This report, expert, Malcolm Ross, VP, of Marketing and Management, at Virginia based Appian Corporation offers viewers insight into the critical nature of social technologies in organizations today. In addition, Ross, presents advice and best practices that will help IT and business leaders maximize the benefits and minimize the risks associated with social technologies and applications in the modern workplace.

Track: Straight Talk
Straight forward explanations of key technologies and their business value

Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this segment, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the many advantages social technologies can bring to enterprises
  • Understand how integrating a "business process management platform" with social networking technologies and applications can help organizations drive efficiency and business value
  • Identify the challenges organizations experience with social applications today

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Malcolm Ross is the VP of Product Marketing and Management at Appian. Malcolm has been directly involved in the implementation and development of enterprise software solutions for over 15 years. Malcolm is a frequent speaker and writer covering the application of BPM technology to solve real-world business problems. Malcolm received his BS degree in Computer Science with a minor in Actuarial Mathematics from Florida State University.

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