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WatchIT: The Year in Review 2016 (Straight Talk)

Course Overview
2016 was an exciting year on the technology front. WatchIT has presented its monthly reports on a range of fast moving IT topics and issues in an effort to keep our viewers up-to-date on the latest technology trends impacting global organizations today. In this program, we'll offer a retrospective view of our most popular WatchIT programs this past year. We'll revisit our interview guests and have a chance to review the best practices and advice they offered on the critical IT topics and issues we've reported on in 2016.

Here's who you'll be hearing from today:

  • Wes Higbee offers his insights designed to help organizations deliver successful, well run, IT projects. From the WatchIT report, IT Project Management: Best Practices;
  • Ellen Rubin, co-founder and executive director of ClearSky Data, discusses the benefits and challenges of Cloud-Native applications. From the WatchIT report, Cloud-Native Applications: An Introduction;
  • From the program, Enabling the Digital Enterprise, interview guest, Vince DeLuca, CEO of Logicalis, US, tells us how to move an organization down the critical path to becoming a digitally enabled enterprise.
  • We'll conclude with clips from, Exploring the Agile Mindset. Where Dr. Robert Johnson, President of Becker College, helps viewers understand the many advantages of becoming an Agile organization.

    Track: Straight Talk
    Straightforward explanations of key technologies and their business value

  • Learning Objectives:

    Upon successful completion of this segment, you should be able to:

    • Identify the important IT issues and key technologies that are a driving force behind both public and private sector organizations today;
    • Understand the many benefits that new and emerging technologies have to offer;
    • Recognize the challenges faced by organizations in regard to technology change.

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    Speakers / Authors:

    Vince DeLuca is responsible for all aspects of Logicalis US. He joined Logicalis in 2010 as the Chief Operating Officer responsible for the overall technology/strategy of Logicalis. Vince brings a wealth of direct experience in Information Technology and Communication. Prior to Logicalis, Vince served as Senior Vice President for Wipro with responsibility for Infrastructure Practice Service Delivery and Client Engagement. A decisive leader with established expertise designing and optimizing technology to drive business performance, Vince has held senior roles in various disciplines with Fortune 100 and entrepreneurial firms prior to joining Marconi.

    Wes Higbee helps organizations make the leap from Today to Tomorrow.

    His career has been a journey. He started out in software development helping organizations tackle business opportunities. In working closely with customers, as a consultant, he realized there are many needs beyond the software itself that nobody was taking care of. Those are the needs he addresses today, whether or not technology is involved.

    Along the journey Wes has had a passion for sharing knowledge. He's been a speaker at countless local groups, community organizations, webinars and conferences. And he speaks professionally to help organizations improve.

    He authored the book Commitment to Value: How to Make Technical Projects Worthwhile. He's authored multiple online courses with Pluralsight and O'Reilly. He writes extensively about business on his blog. And his written work includes articles featured on VeraSage, MSDN Magazine, and InfoQ.

    He's been interviewed on "The Businessology Show", "Art of Value", and Agile.FM.

    Ellen Rubin is an experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record in leading strategy, market positioning and go-to-market for fast-growing companies. Most recently she was co-founder of CloudSwitch, a cloud enablement software company that was successfully acquired by Verizon in 2011. At Verizon, Ellen ran the cloud products group and was responsible for the strategy and roadmap for all Cloud offerings.

    Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D., took office as the 10th president of Becker College in 2010 and has evolved Becker into an adaptive, nimble, and entrepreneurial institution that is a model for small private colleges in the United States. He believes higher education is a public good, and has dedicated his more-than-25-year career to transforming the lives of young people. He challenges students to build upon the three pillars of global citizenship - academic excellence, social responsibility, and creative expression - to embrace the opportunities inherent in a complex and hyper-connected world. It is his conviction that college graduates must be prepared to adapt and succeed in a dynamic future - one where jobs as we know them may no longer exist, career mobility is the norm, and individuals are responsible for their brand and their business model, and must continuously build their [future] value. This imperative leads Becker College in preparing students with an "Agile Mindset," a set of uniquely human skills that merge learning agility with a value-creation orientation. Graduates are prepared not only for their career trajectories, but also to embrace the myriad challenges and opportunities the future presents.

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