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Security in the Mobile Environment (Straight Talk)

Course Overview
To build a competitive winning business today workers must have access to key corporate data and information on the fly and instantaneously. Mobile tools and technologies provide just that, enabling professionals to keep up with the frenetic pace of business and to create and grow new opportunities that will stream revenue to the corporate bottom line.

However, along with the benefits mobility brings to organizations some significant security challenges ensue. In this report expert, Nicholas Arvanitis, a security and networking consultant, discusses current mobility trends, shares lessons learned and offers best practices that will enable organizations to build and implement a productive, safe and secure mobile environment.

Track: Straight Talk
Straightforward explanations of key technologies and their business value

Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this segment, you should be able to:

  • Understand the current trends in enterprise mobility today
  • Recognize challenges being fueled by the explosive adoption of mobile devices
  • Identify best practices for managing the risks and threats
  • Discuss managing mobile solutions in the enterprise

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Speaker / Author:

Photo of Nicholas Arvanitis

Nicholas Arvanitis is a Principal Consultant in Dimension Data’s Security practice. Nicholas has eleven years of experience in the industry leading and managing security assessment and penetration testing teams, as well as scoping and conducting consulting and assessment engagements and security research.

Software & Hardware Requirements:

  • 56k or Greater Internet Connection
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  • Adobe® Flash® Player 9 or higher
  • Modern DHTML Compatible Browser
  • Ram: 256 MB minimum
  • Sound card with speakers/headphones
  • Windows or Mac OS

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