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Insider Threats: Avoiding the Next Snowden (Technical Briefings)

Course Overview
Not since the days of Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers have we seen the likes of a classified material leak of the size and significance executed by the now infamous NSA contractor, Eric Snowden. This devastating loss of sensitive information has served as yet another wake-up call to organizations both public and private to tighten up their data security policies and protocols in an effort to lessen the chance of a repeat performance. In this program expert Kevin Jones, Senior Information Security Engineer for Thycotic Software, discusses the critical nature of Insider Threats today. In addition he offers advice and best practices that will help IT and business leaders reduce the risk of an insider compromising private organizational data and information.

Track: Technical Briefings
In-depth information on new technologies, techniques and solution providers

Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this segment, you should be able to:

  • Identify Insider Threats and the IT trends that may be making organizations more vulnerable to them;
  • Recognize the characteristics of an insider who threatens IT security;
  • Understand the approach organizations should take in order to effectively monitor and detect Insider Threats today;
  • Discuss threat detection methods that will be available in the future.

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Kevin Jones is a senior IT security engineer with Thycotic Software, a software company specializing in security management solutions for enterprise and government IT administrators. Kevin Jones has specialized in a variety of cybersecurity initiatives in the privileged management space. As Senior Information Security Engineer for Thycotic Software, Kevin brings a deep understanding of cryptography and cryptographic systems, as well as advanced threat modeling to the design and implementation of enterprise and government security software. A Microsoft MVP, Kevin has been a featured podcast speaker at ZDNet, as well as a presenter at numerous IT and security events, including IANS Forums, ISSA, ISACA and software development clinics.

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