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Law Enforcement Technology Today

Course Overview:
Law enforcement and other first responders are increasingly relying on technology solutions to help them in their day-to-day work activities, responding to emergencies and combating criminal activity. In just a few short years rapidly advancing technologies have delivered amazing new tools to the law enforcement arsenal. Tools such as, body cameras, detection, surveillance and communication technologies, biometrics, and even airborne drones that capture video of crimes as they occur.

In this report, Robert Gronenthal, CEO of Island Tech Services, explores law enforcement technology today. Viewers will learn how technology-based solutions are improving the safety of both law enforcement professionals as well as the public they are dedicated to serve.

Track: Straight Talk
Straightforward explanations of key technologies and their business value

Learning Objectives:

After viewing this report, you should be able to:

• Recognize the security challenges faced by cities and towns today
• Identify the key technological advances in law enforcement
• Understand the barriers preventing law enforcement technology from being implemented
• Discuss the future of law enforcement technology

Speaker / Author:

Photo of Robert Gronenthal

Robert Gronenthal

Robert Gronenthal, is the CEO of Island Tech Services, a leading provider of advanced technology, mobility and vehicle solutions to business professionals, first responders and public-sector employees Nationwide. For nearly 20 years, Gronenthal and his team have helped customers incorporate technology in their work to increase performance, efficiency and security. ITS’s integrated technologies and services span from headquarters, to field techs, to command vehicles.

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