Security & Risk Management

Managing Cyberthreats from Within

Course Overview

Today’s IT and security professionals know very well they must be ready to defend against external cyberattacks targeting critical systems and data at a moment’s notice. However, today there is another significant potential attack vector lingering out there that demands their equal attention. You see, a recent threat survey reported that some 74% of organizations today feel that they are vulnerable to insider attacks. In this report, Ron Temske, Vice President of Security Solutions of Logicalis, U.S., takes a close look at insider threats and offers IT, security and business professionals advice and best practices that will help minimize the risk of a successful attack. 

Technical Briefings

In-depth information on new technologies, techniques and solution providers

Learning Objectives:

After watching this report, you should be able to:

  • Discuss insider threats and attacks and why they must be taken very seriously
  • Identify the latest threats you need to be aware of
  • Understand approaches to thwart attacks from within the organization
  • Understand why strong user policies can lower the risk of an insider attack

Speaker / Author:

As Logicalis Vice President of Security Solutions, Ron Temske is responsible for defining Logicalis' strategic vision for security solutions and ensuring that consistent methodologies and procedures are applied nationwide. Previously, Ron headed up the Logicalis national networking practice, overseeing all aspects of that business from pre-sales through consulting delivery. He also managed the integration and leadership of the southeast team through the acquisition of Carotek. Ron has more than 20 years of experience in the information technology-consulting arena and blends sales and management skills with his training as an engineer. Before joining Logicalis in 1999, he served as a senior manager for TRW, heading up a national network and security consulting practice as well as other roles within the networking and security space. His first job in IT was as a networking engineer in Michigan where, among other projects, he led a team to create a statewide network and application delivery system for the Michigan Department of Corrections. Ron holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. He has served as an advisory member of various industry consortiums and has been a featured speaker at seminars and trade events around the world.

Ron and his wife, who is an elementary school teacher, live in Atlanta. After hours, Ron is a professional jazz musician. Ron also enjoys piloting remote control airplanes and sailing with his wife in the Caribbean out of reach of cell phone service.When we show up to the present moment with all of our senses, we invite the world to fill us with joy. The pains of the past are behind us. The future has yet to unfold. But the now is full of beauty simply waiting for our attention.


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Release Date : 03/19/2018

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Length : 26min

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