Who to Sue: Law in the Age of Advanced Technology


What once was a futuristic idea, artificial intelligence has made its way into our everyday lives and with that comes a need to address the intersection of the law and the use of artificially intelligent technology. The presenter of this course provides a thorough look at the increased use of artificial intelligence in various technologies and how it is affecting the legal profession as a whole. Included in his discussion are such topics as artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles, the intersection of ethics and the use of artificial intelligence, as well as how artificial intelligence has entered the legal profession through the use of such tools as technology-assisted review. 


I. The Law and Advanced Technology
    A. Objectives and Overview
    B. The Future of Technology is Near
    C. The Speed of Adoption and Obsolescence
    D. The Neutrality of Technology
    E. Evolutionary vs. Revolutionary
    F. The Intersection of Law and Technology
        1. Black Box Technology, Data Recorders and More
        2. The Law Applied
    G. Data, Processing and Analytics
        1. Data Volume and Types and Moore's Law
        2. Analytical Tools in the Legal Environment
    H. Heed These Warnings and Don't Fall Into These Traps
    I. Intelligence - Artificial and Otherwise
        1. Defining Artificial Intelligence
        2. Pure vs. Filtered and Bound vs. Unbound
        3. Artificial Intelligence vs. Humans
        4. Machine Learning
    J. The Practical Application of Autonomous Vehicles
        1. Autonomous Vehicles
        2. The Evolution of the Driving Experience
        3. The Workings of Autonomous Vehicles
        4. National Levels of Autonomy Addressing Vehicles
        5. Autonomous Vehicles in Action
    K. Legal Considerations of Autonomous Vehicles
        1. Lots to Think About
        2. Ethics, Autonomous Vehicles and Artificial Intelligence
     L. Looking to the Future
        1. The Law and Artificial Intelligence
        2. The Law, Autonomous Vehicles and Human Interaction

Speaker / Author:

Photo of Stephen K. Henn, Esq.

Stephen Henn

Stephen K. Henn, Esq. brings more than 20 years’ experience leading technology organizations and working with C-Suite executives on business, performance and technology strategies. He is currently with Xerox Corporation in their data analytics practice. Prior to that, Mr. Henn served as CEO and President of UBIC North America, where he led company strategy, including acquisitions, strategic planning and all business operations. He previously served as President and CEO of eMag Solutions, LLC, a provider of data recovery and data management solutions for the legal industry. Mr. Henn also held leadership roles as Chief Compliance Officer and President, Legal & Ethics Division, SmartPros Ltd.

Mr. Henn is a frequent speaker on business and legal subjects in venues ranging from large conferences to the National Press Club. He authored Business Ethics: A Case Study Approach (Wiley, June 2009) and has taught classes in Technology and Law, Ethics, Professionalism and the Role of the Attorney, Corporate Governance and the Role of the General Counsel, and Ethics and Moral Hazard.

Mr. Henn holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago and a J.D. from the University of Connecticut School of Law.


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