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Benefit Corporations: The Future of Capitalism (California) - Non-CLE Version


This course provides an overview of the next big thing in corporate law, the Benefit Corporation. The presenter gives an overview of the legal architecture necessary to support this emerging sustainable business paradigm, where corporations exist to optimize good for society and the environment as well as profits for their shareholders.
This course addresses the Benefit Corporation Law as it pertains to California.

NOTE: This course is not available for CLE credit.

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I. Benefit Corporations: The Next Big Thing in Corporate Law
        A. Historical Context
        B. Corporate Lack of Social and Environmental Conscience
        C. A Changing World
        D. What Should Corporate Moral Responsibility Be?
        E. The Benefit Corporation
            1. What Is It?
            2. Differences from California General Corporation Law
            3. Why Become a Benefit Corporation?
            4. What Makes a Benefit Corporation Different?
            5. Certified B Corporation vs. Benefit Corporation
            6. Transparency Requirements
            7. Enforcement
        F. Steps for Becoming a Benefit Corporation
            1. Starting from Scratch
            2. Converting an Existing C Corporation

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