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Attorneys are required to complete 12 credit hours per educational year, of which 2 hours must be taken in Ethics. Up to 6 credit hours may be earned through Cognistar online courses.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

 772554Mediating IP Matters and Cutting-Edge Ethics, Confidentiality and Privilege in Mediation 1 CLE-GEN   Buy


 771946The California Benefit Corporation 1 CLE-GEN 02/14/2019 Buy
 771956The Delaware Public Benefit Corporation and Public Benefit Limited Liability Corporation 1 CLE-GEN 02/14/2019 Buy
 775572Effective and Efficient Due Diligence in Technology Deals and License to Win Worldwide 1 CLE-GEN 01/05/2018 Buy
 775564Legal Notes on Implementing Blockchain-Based Strategies and Crowdfunding Today 1 CLE-GEN 04/26/2017 Buy

Business and Corporate (California Practice)

 771946The California Benefit Corporation 1 CLE-GEN 02/14/2019 Buy

Crisis Management

 775562Surviving and Thriving: Lessons from the Panama Papers and Best Practices for Crisis Management 1 CLE-GEN 02/02/2017 Buy

Cyber Security

 775563It’s Risky Business: Cyber Threats and Addressing Environmental Aspects of Commercial Transactions 1 CLE-GEN 02/02/2017 Buy

Environmental Law

 775563It’s Risky Business: Cyber Threats and Addressing Environmental Aspects of Commercial Transactions 1 CLE-GEN 02/02/2017 Buy

Ethics / Professionalism

 778530Alien Ethics 2.5 CLE-ETH 2.5 CLE-GEN 02/14/2019 Buy
 775536Negotiation Ethics in Five Acts 1.5 CLE-ETH 1.5 CLE-GEN 05/17/2018 Buy
 778525Superhero Ethics 2 CLE-GEN 2 CLE-ETH 02/01/2018 Buy
 775528Giving No Quarter? Ethical Limits on Depositions  1 CLE-ETH 1 CLE-GEN 07/10/2017 Buy
 778520Rock 'n' Roll Ethics 2.5 CLE-GEN 2.5 CLE-ETH 02/16/2017 Buy
 775554The Decade’s Important Ethics Opinions, and Ethics Quiz Show … or When to Say Deal or No Deal 1 CLE-GEN 1 CLE-ETH 08/05/2016 Buy

General Labor and Employment Law

 775718Top Employee Benefits Issues That Pose Traps for the Unwary 1 CLE-GEN 06/17/2014 Buy

Insurance Law

 775540What Every Corporate Counsel Should Know About Insurance and an Update on Natural Disaster Losses and Recovery Strategy 1 CLE-GEN 06/18/2018 Buy

Intellectual Property Litigation (Showing 8 of 11 items. Group continues on the next page.)

 772557Trade Secret Disputes, the DTSA and Ethical Traps 1 CLE-GEN 03/28/2018 Buy
 772556Working with Legal Finance to Unlock the Value of IP Assets: Current State of the Industry 1 CLE-GEN 03/06/2018 Buy
 772555Take Your Trademark Battle to the TTAB or Make a Federal Case Out of It 1 CLE-GEN 02/15/2018 Buy
 772552Managing Multidistrict and Pseudo-MDL Patent Litigation 1 CLE-GEN 11/06/2017 Buy
 772551Tensions Among Privilege, Discovery and Foreign Activities 1 CLE-GEN 10/17/2017 Buy
 775561Let’s Talk IP: Trade Secrets and Strategic Litigation versus Inter Partes Review 1 CLE-GEN 01/18/2017 Buy
 772542Litigation Updates: Section 102, 103 and the ITC 1 CLE-GEN 12/29/2016 Buy
 772543TTAB Updates: A Year of Critical Developments 1.27 CLE-GEN 12/29/2016 Buy

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